Restaurant Supported Agriculture 

The seeds are ordered, the flats are pregnant, the greenhouse is toasty, buds are breaking, the sap is flowing, the milk is flowing and Long Arm Farm is extremely excited to embark on another season!

Our RSA will provide a weekly share of rare, high value, seasonal produce to a handful of my favorite chefs for the duration of the growing season.

 The deliveries will start the first week of May continuing through the end of October. 24 weeks total. Shares will be based on value — each weekly share’s value will be a minimum of $300. Your share size is up to you. I will gladly raise the value of the weekly share. I will be conscious of providing enough product for a week of specials. 

As usual we will still be open for business for on farm sales and special orders.

You can also find us at the Newaukee Night Market, Riverwest Gardeners Market and on the shelves of Riverwest Food Coop.


PERENNIALS – rhubarb, kiwi berry, quince, pear, asian pear, plum, fig, paw paw, elderberry and flower, currant, gooseberry, blackberry, aronia, mullberry, grape leaf, bunching onion, kuritaki and blue oyster mushrooms, jerusalem artichoke, angelica, asparagus, hazelnuts, black walnut

ANNUALS – zefa fino fennel bulbs and pollen, fava, velour and aunt ada’s italian (green) beans, okra, litchi, black, pink and orange icicle tomato, indigo rose tomato, banana legs tomato, sun gold tomato, blue berries tomato, japanese black trifelle tomato, mercato roasting pepper, poblano, yellow bell, chilhuacle negro papper, black hungarian pepper, heirloom popcorn, popping sorghum, smoked heirloom cornmeal, kindred winter squash, winter sweet kobocha, winter gourd, patisson strie melange summer squash, serpente di sicicilia gourde, squash blossom, rotunda bianca sfumata di rosa eggplant, pickling cukes, galega de folhas lisas kale, fenugreek greens, chicory, mixed orach, sorrel, magenta chenopodium, crinkled cress, wasabi arugula, mixed mustards, red romaine, raccoon spinach, saltwort, oak leaf lettuce, rainbow carrot, red cloud beet, gilfeather turnip, helenor rutubaga, rat tail radish pod, yacon, celeriac, purple daikon, carola and all blue potatoes, purple sweet potato, purple cipollini, candy onion, purple bunching onion, leek, shallot, scape, graffiti cauliflower, brussels sprouts, ground cherry, cardoon and artichoke. Edible flowers will include nasturtium, violet, calendula, marigold, borage, arugula, nigella, scarlet runner, shungiku, centaurea

WILDCRAFTS – ramp, watercress, wood nettle, oxalis, purslane, bolete/porcini, morel, lions mane, chicken of the woods, oyster mushrooms, linden flower, cattail stalk and pollen, may apple, dandelion, yellow dock, parsnip, burdock shoots, wapato, swamp banana, acorn flour, cow parnip stalk, milkweed, hyssop, day lilly buds, wild ginger, strawberry, hickory nut, yellow dock syrup, long arm farm bitters, smokey maple syrup, pine syrup and apple cider vinegar

HERBS – lovage, lemon balm, bronze fennel, lavender, french tarragon, chervil, thyme, garlic chive, mrihani basil, tulsi, lettuce leaf basil, dill, horse mint, balsam, sweet annie, rosemary, garden sage, german chamomile, monarda, marshmallow, wormwood, sweet marjoram, shiso, lemon verbena, bay, zaatar

MEATS – goat, rabbit, goose, heritage turkey, guinea fowl, heritage pork, trout

EGGS – quail, goose, duck, trout roe

If you’re interested I can provide FLOWERS and DECORATIVES – Zinnias, peonies, columbine, sweet annie, poppy pods, stock, baptista, aster, black eyed susan, nigella, monarda, marigolds, strawflower, cornflower, goldenrod, tulips, daffodils, sweet pea, nigella, amaranth, snapdragons, scabiosa, nicotiana, broom corn, multicolored flint corns, cotton, gourds, curly willow cuttings. I can table dress for you if you like — I have good taste, trust me. 


I am very open to suggestions and would be happy to custom grow something for you.

As an additional service I can procure special orders. I am surrounded by mostly Amish organic vegetable farmers and I have wonderful working relationships with them — if you need something I can likely find it. I will publish a weekly list of what my neighbors will be harvesting.