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Tucked into the primordial crannies of Wisconsin’s Driftless region, Long Arm Farm sits with its toes in writhing fertile ground and its back against a frigid limestone cliff where the avid coming and going of bats keeps the mosquito population in confusion and dismay. Moss grows emphatically and the light is always moving. People who visit us tend to leave with strange tales, wild eyes and increased girth. Inspired by biodynamics, the farm is a living organism. Woods surround it and a trout stream bisects it — wilderness breathes life into our little farm.


At 14 acres we are small and very diverse. We rotationally graze animals and grow a dizzying array of perennial fruits, nuts and herbs. We also have wild lands in which to sustainably forage, prolific raised beds growing our favorite annual veggies, and a high tunnel in which we grow figs, paw paws and stretch our annual vegetable season a little further in either direction. We are certified organic.

The farm’s human inhabitants consist of Mica O’Herlihy and their 3 dirty hooligans, Thurman, 14, Oota, 5, and Lugh, 4. Mica’s focus was once solely making art and films, but then they felt a hankering to do something much more radical, so they became a farmer. Mica is the dirt, plant, goat and cheese nerd. Thurman is a gifted vegetable hustler as well as the wrangler of all things motorized. Oota keeps baby animals alive and is chief treetop plucker. Lugh squishes pest bugs and communicates on the astral plane with the pigs. We are fortunate to have a rotating posse of friends and interns who help keep the dream alive.